Japan Touring Cars (Super GT)

Japan Touring Cars (Super GT)

Japan's very own version of V8 Supercars except with all the cars you dream of seeing in OZ. GTR's,Lexus,NSX etc

"The cars are divided into two groups; GT500 and GT300 (cars with no more than 500 and 300 horsepower (374 and 224 kW), respectively). These power outputs are capped via the use of intake restrictors although some heavier cars are given allowances to run larger restrictors to maintain parity. As is the traditional case for sportscar racing, both classes participate in one race with both classes running at the same time, and points are awarded separately for each group. "

Races are held as part of a yearly series. Races take place on well known Japanese race tracks like Twin Ring Motegi, Fuji Speedway, and Suzuka Circuit. The series was expanded to its first international venue in Malaysia (2000), and an exhibition race in the Los Angeles area (2004) at the Auto Club Speedway Automobile Competition Course (a day-to-night race) and infield courses. The Malaysian leg of the series, held at Sepang International Circuit was made an official race from 2002 and counted in the points. For the 2011 & 2012 Malaysian leg, the official organizer is JP Performance Motorsports Sdn. Bhd. (JPM). The baton was passed on to JPM to carry the Super GT tradition in Malaysia with hopes of producing an even more electrifying event. Races were planned for both Zhuhai International Circuit in 2004 and Shanghai International Circuit in 2005, but both events failed to materialise. Races are held as a single long endurance race of 300 km or greater such as 1000km Suzuka event. Through in season 2011, most of the race changes into sprints of 250 km due to the aftermath of 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. On 15 December 2011, a deal has been agreed between GT-A and Woo Myung Holdings to host a Super GT race at the Korea International Circuit in Korea in 2013, although the race fell through. On 12 August 2013, GT-A signed a contract with Buriram United International Circuit to host a race at Buriram, Thailand in 2014.


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